OWN your Curvz!!

 Because THICK is Haute!!!
Want to figure out how to fill out those dresses more in your closet? It's called "put some meat on them bones!"  That's right it's time you own your curves and stop being so afraid of them. Not everyone was born to be a size 2 or 4, which is totally fine, it's all about being healthy and believing that all sizes are equally beautiful the way God made them. So get rid of those clothes that hide and drown your shape and began to pull out the ones that flatter who you are. This means adding colors and patterns as well, to show off your figure more so than your typical solid neutrals. Also keep in mind that it's all about the fit of your clothing, you want them to compliment your physique. No matter what size you are, we actually all have natural curves as women and you should learn to embrace them!
 For more tips on how to elevate your style, check out some of these fashionable plus size blogs: http://gabifresh.com/ , http://www.nicolettemason.com/ , http://www.mycurvesandcurls.com/ !!!

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