Unleash The Geek Inside of You!

Don't be afraid to unleash your inner geek! 

As we all know, these geek glasses have swept the fashion scene and maintained a great name for themselves. Back in the day, you got made fun of for being a geek But now you get told, you look chic! Even though this look has been around for quite some time now, I don't see it going anywhere any time soon. So pick you up some geek specs and throw them on with one of your most stylish outfits to spice it up a bit! These are also great for lazy no make up days or when you are feeling a little nerdy, which is totally in!

Pop out your Polka Dots!

 Oh how I am loving this polka dot frenzy trend that I am seeing being executed so well lately! This stylish print has no limitation of which season to wear it in, so it definitely becomes versatile and can be matched up with several pieces in your closet.

A lot of the polka dot printed blouses also goes a long with the sheer fabric trend, so buying a blouse will be killing 2 trends in one stone! And once you find a great fitting polka dotted skinny pant, skirt, or dress you will be sure to challenge that boldness you had inside all along and not to mention look ravishly stylish!!


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Ardyss Products

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Smell the Roses!!

Notice how amazing floral print looks in every piece of clothing from blouses to pants to dresses! Floral print is so versatile in the fact that it can go from elegant, to professional, to funky/edgy oh how the possibilities of dressing up this print is endless. Got to love it!


It is definitely suggested that you must add a floral print to your closet even if it's something simple as a scarf. As you can see, how easily you can dress up a floral printed blouse with either black shorts over tights or even with a classic pair of fitted pants. Or if your going for a more semi-casual look just throw on a stylish straw waist belt with that floral dress or a pair of flats with those sleek floral trousers. And don't forget how you can transform the look of a floral skirt of yours with a trendy sheer blouse to create an edge to your style!                

TREND NEXT Fashion Event on September 22, 2012!!

               What's Now, What's New, What's Next

September 22, 2012 at Studios 1019 in Dallas, TX will mark a milestone of merging Fashion and Charity together, as Shamequia Cason of Black Beauty Accessories and The Glam Bar By: Demmi collaborates to present "Trend Next"-What's Now, What's New, What's Next.
 Shamequia Cason can now check off one her personal goals to give back to an organization (Baylor Hospital) that has so "Graciously" invested in her life story via commercials, billboards and an aggresive ad campaign to expose the blessed gift of organ transplantation.
In the fashion industry, the questions are always focused on-What's Now, What's New & What's Next. And While keeping things "Trendy" "Relevant" & "Amazing". The fashion industry contributes to the entire entity of "TREND NEXT". 
Keeping Charity in mind, the highlight of the night will be our featured guest: JASON BOLIN-Celebrity Stylist Fashion Expert and Chief & Editor of Denim Magazine. J. Bolins's resume includes NeNe Leakes of Real Housewives of Atlanta, gracing the 1 year anniversary cover of Denim Magaazine, Cynthia Bailey-Real Housewives of Atlanta, Wendy Ragquel of the hit series-The Game, Hosea Chanchez of The Game, Nicole Parker from Soul Food, Malinda Williams from Soul Food, Vivica A. Fox, Christina Milian, Jessica Reedy, Le'Andria Johnson, The new cast of R&B DIvas-Faith Evans, KeKe Wyatt, Syleena Johnson, Nicci Gilbert, Charity Shea of VH1's SIngle Ladies and many MORE..........

Our Sponsorship List includes: Baylor Hospital, Black Beauty Accessories,Motives for LaLa, Nunn Better Catering,MyGi's Desserts, Event with Love, Corrieagraphed Events, Lewis Favor Management,Demure Model Management, Doll House Salon, Tyriana Scents and Candelabrum Group.
More sponsors are being added.
We are so excited about our collaboration with Baylor Hospital and we are asking for your support!

For Sponsorship Opportunities or Ticket Information, log on to trendnext.eventbrite.com or call 972.805.6509.

For Press and Media Related inquiries, e-mail Jennifer Onwumere at  thecandelabrumgroup@gmail.com or call 214.801.0674.

Show a little skin!

Sheer Fabric has definitely made it's mark!

Sheer tops and skirts are Huge this season, you should definitely consider adding a sheer piece to your wardrobe if you haven't already. Remember it's all about the time and place where to wear these type of pieces. Keep it professional in the work place and throw on a blazer or full under tank with your top. But, there's no limits outside of work so you can also make these tops funky with a festive bra such as an animal print or bright color underneath them! And there are so many fun ways to dress up or down the sheer skirts, so many possibilities and a wide range of colors now. So don't be scared to show some skin, but remember to keep it tasteful!

Be DAZZLING Photo Pod!

Want to capture those amazing memories at your next event, but don't have a photographer?
Or would you love to have a unique one of a kind photo booth at your next event? Well your in luck!!!


It's not your ordinary photo booth!

Picture Looking for something exciting in the world of photo booth rentals?  The Be Dazzling Photo Pod will customize your special event for memories that will last a life time. With its sleek and elegant design, this photo Pod is quite different from the ordinary photo booth with its sharp edges and dark exterior.  Be Dazzling Photo Pod is a one of a kind photo booth with rounded edges, opaque plexiglass walls, and an aluminum frame.  The design is simple yet sensational and a league above the traditional boxy photo booth rental. So do you Wanna Party? Get a Pod. The revolutionary new way of renting photo booths.You snap, you smile, you print!!

For more information Contact Be Dazzling Photo Pod:
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DStyles Productions - Dallas, TX!!!

Introducing one of the new and upcoming styling/art agencies in Dallas, TX....

 Founder Danielle Brown on the left and going to work in the picture to the right!

DStyles Productions is the new idea of style and art combined. Expressing yourself through different activities in our daily life can be seen on various levels as a form of art. At DStyles we believe that every aspect of fashion is an art form from the make-up and hair to the photography and even the model themselves. We see each one of these individuals as a creative inspiration for the other, and for them come together to showcase an idea to the media or even a small exhibition is art at its finest. Bringing together everyone for an artistic and creative purpose is one of the best endeavors anybody can be apart of that is both positive and motivating to all!
 DStyles currently provide..
Personal Wardrobe Stylists
Make-up Artists
Fashion Designers
Fashion Illustrators
Photo Shoot Production
and Catering!! 

Contact DStyles Production for Booking at: dstyling101@yahoo.com  

Button down that Chambray!

Jean jackets are back on the prowl and have hit the ground running! Even though they went out of style for a while, they came back with more of a thinner button down approach called Chambray. Not that the heavier original jean jackets are not in, but the button downs are a little more versatile to wear not to mention much lighter. Throw one on with a pair of colored skinnies or even a stripe skirt to add a classic tone downed look to your fit. Don't forget about those Fab accessories to liven your look up!

Add a pair of Trousers!

 If you don't yet, then you should definitely consider adding a pair of trousers to your wardrobe. Look how great they look with a pair of classic heels. Pair them with a trendy top such as the lovely black one you see here and get ready for heads to Turn!

Dare to Be Pretty in Powder Pink!

Who said that powder pink is for babies?? Well obviously they were so wrong. Look how elegant this color looks with black or even by itself. This beautiful "blush" color could be the classic style that your closet needs. Pair an item of this color with one of your favorite neutrals such as black, gray, or white to create a quick chic look!

Tip your hat off!

Bad hair day? Then top off your fashion forward look with a hat! Not just any hat, but as you can see the tan fedora hats are definitely in style and gives just about any fit that extra umph that it needs.

Put a scarf with it!!

SCARVES make everything look great!

You can automatically look stylish by layering your outfit with a scarf. Try the new infinity scarves and pair it with your fit, then watch you go from looking ok to chic!

Tuck it in!

Remember how we use to tuck in the front of our shirts and let the rest hang....


Well that style is back, in its modern version of course. Look how easy you can achieve these edgy looks with a simple pair of cut off rugged shorts or even ripped/torn jeans along with a well styled top tucked in the front, but remember to let the back of that top hang.AND check out the wrist candy. You too can rock this look!

Roll up your sleeves!

Over-sized sweaters are definitely in and are something to think about adding to your wardrobe especially for this fall. They're extremely versatile and this one is styled well over a blue buttoned down, paired with a nice pair of black skinnys or tights. Such a classic look and not to mention so appropriate for the workplace, yet fashionable enough for happy hour!

Color it Up!

Pair your favorite colored skinny jean (mines being coral) with a black or white tank and blazer for a semi-casual chic look!! Or loose the blazer for a more casual look, but don't forget your festive pair of heels with a piece of neck "candy" to top off this Fab look!!