Get some COACHELLA Style!

With this year's most sought after music festival's, known as Coachella, around the corner so is the hot fashion styles that's exciting to see everyone rock. Lots of "boho" inspired prints, fringe, and modern hippie looks will be sure to brace the attendees, but you don't have to attend to look just as Fab!


 Again you don't have to be one of the lucky ones present at this amazing event to look the part. These looks can be achieved during the spring/summer by simply adding a floral headband, kimono, rocker hat, or plenty of other accessories to your outfit. Just get creative and have fun with it, Coachella is all about fun, music, comfort, and friends which correlates well with fashion!

Add some FLARE!

I am in love with this trend that originated in the 70s known as bell bottoms! They are sure enough back in style and go great with a simple shirt, blouse, or button down. These flared pants or jeans can be dressed up or down, and add a certain element of astonishment from the knee down which can be quite flattering.

You will be sure to stand out in a printed pair such as these lovely striped ones above!

So add a pair to your closet to funk up your style and make a statement. 

They will have you looking totally groovy baby!

OWN your Curvz!!

 Because THICK is Haute!!!
Want to figure out how to fill out those dresses more in your closet? It's called "put some meat on them bones!"  That's right it's time you own your curves and stop being so afraid of them. Not everyone was born to be a size 2 or 4, which is totally fine, it's all about being healthy and believing that all sizes are equally beautiful the way God made them. So get rid of those clothes that hide and drown your shape and began to pull out the ones that flatter who you are. This means adding colors and patterns as well, to show off your figure more so than your typical solid neutrals. Also keep in mind that it's all about the fit of your clothing, you want them to compliment your physique. No matter what size you are, we actually all have natural curves as women and you should learn to embrace them!
 For more tips on how to elevate your style, check out some of these fashionable plus size blogs: , , !!!

Go nude!

As in the Color....

 So please keep your clothes on and "peep" the different ways you can incorporate nude into your wardrobe. Whether it's a pair of shoes, a purse, or dress this fresh and airy color is so chic that it'll be sure to lighten up your outfit. This refined tone has simply become a classic and looks great paired with almost anything adding a sense of daintiness to your look!
Even nude nails look great and Chic!

be Flashy!

Whether you can apply them on your arms, neck, feet, heck anywhere on your body including your hair, Flash Tattoos is a trend that's stylish and complimenting. Try them out this Spring and with Summer around the corner they dress up an outfit so great you won't even need jewelry. These are a good alternative for those who aren't into necklaces and bangles clanking on them all day. They also add so much personality to swimsuits and beachwear or just a regular outfit that you want to spice up!

You can find these at or at a participating store near you such as: Everything But Water, Sephora, Nordstrom, and more!

Bare that Shoulder!

As Winter is coming to a slow close, don't forget how quickly Spring is approaching! The new haute trend is a bare shoulder which is also known as a "cold shoulder" or "off the shoulder" look. Be sure to keep it classy and be thoughtful how to pair either your off the shoulder shirt, dress, or romper with the right accessories and shoes. I would suggest not adding a necklace to create a stunning chic look that is sure to show off your neckline and collar bone which can be very flattering.

Love those Cat Eyes!

Cat eye shapes for sunglasses and glasses are really in! They are very chic and are sure to make every outfit pop. Rock them to funk up a fierce photo shoot or on a regular day when you feel it's necessary to funk up your look.


Prints have made their panzy and they look HOT! This is a huge trend right now and the fashion world can't get enough of them. Whether it's Aztec, Tribal, or Chevron print on leggings, shoes, sweaters, or even nails you can't go wrong by adding these to your closet and the more the merrier!

Highlight your Life!

Neons are back from the 80's with a mod and stylish come back! How cute is this bright and bold color mixed in with today's fashion, if it's paired right of course. And as you can see just a drop will do with an outfit of your choice. Accessorize with a pair of shoes, belt, or purse and if you want to stand out be sure to get a flared skirt, top, or dress and rock it out in this color!

Get you some Arm Candy...

As in Jewelry!

Dressing up an outfit with bangles, watches, bracelets, and chains is a great idea and definitely a trend that has taken off. Who needs a man as arm candy, when you can have jewelry! Mix and match with as many layers you want, the Bolder the better with this style.

Think Like A Boss!

With these Act Like A Lady and Think Like A Boss suits, you are bound to take the corporate world by storm, not alone the fashion world as well. A well tailored modern suit, such as one of these will blow people away with how much power they exude. Get bold and even add a simple bow tie, showing men they're not only ones who can look dapper. Remember to add a simple pump with this hard yet soft look and be own your way to a successful day being the talk of the office!


What an awesome feminine style, just in time for Spring!

This Peplum style is just too cute to pass up and look great on every size! The tops are flattering with skirts, jeans, and such a great look for jackets as well. Also, peplum is popular in skirts and dresses too if you prefer this look on the bottom instead. This feminine flirty look will be sure to give you a chic and classy style demanding all eyes on you. Go try these out now!

Unleash The Geek Inside of You!

Don't be afraid to unleash your inner geek! 

As we all know, these geek glasses have swept the fashion scene and maintained a great name for themselves. Back in the day, you got made fun of for being a geek But now you get told, you look chic! Even though this look has been around for quite some time now, I don't see it going anywhere any time soon. So pick you up some geek specs and throw them on with one of your most stylish outfits to spice it up a bit! These are also great for lazy no make up days or when you are feeling a little nerdy, which is totally in!

Pop out your Polka Dots!

 Oh how I am loving this polka dot frenzy trend that I am seeing being executed so well lately! This stylish print has no limitation of which season to wear it in, so it definitely becomes versatile and can be matched up with several pieces in your closet.

A lot of the polka dot printed blouses also goes a long with the sheer fabric trend, so buying a blouse will be killing 2 trends in one stone! And once you find a great fitting polka dotted skinny pant, skirt, or dress you will be sure to challenge that boldness you had inside all along and not to mention look ravishly stylish!!


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Smell the Roses!!

Notice how amazing floral print looks in every piece of clothing from blouses to pants to dresses! Floral print is so versatile in the fact that it can go from elegant, to professional, to funky/edgy oh how the possibilities of dressing up this print is endless. Got to love it!


It is definitely suggested that you must add a floral print to your closet even if it's something simple as a scarf. As you can see, how easily you can dress up a floral printed blouse with either black shorts over tights or even with a classic pair of fitted pants. Or if your going for a more semi-casual look just throw on a stylish straw waist belt with that floral dress or a pair of flats with those sleek floral trousers. And don't forget how you can transform the look of a floral skirt of yours with a trendy sheer blouse to create an edge to your style!                

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